INCOPA is the European Inorganic Coagulants Producers Association.

It represents more than 30 producers and 80 sites in Europe, which are responsible for 85% of the European coagulant production capacity.

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Our industry creates values


Chemical water pre-treatment allows to treat the same amount of wastewater with:
18% less energy required
25% less tank volume needed
32% more biogas production


Inorganic coagulants are pivotal for safe drinking water and efficient wastewater purification. They
are produced in Europe, thus ensuring a reliable local supply.


Coagulants are essential for protecting human health and improving environmental performance. INCOPA members are committed to the highest product quality and environmental standards in Europe.


Chemical water treatment is the most cost efficient and state of the art technology. Coagulant use represents only 0.5% of the total cost of water purification (0.5€ on 100€, per person per year).


Our products contribute strongly to the Circular Economy.
Iron and aluminium coagulants’ raw materials are
mostly sourced from by-product streams, and therefore contribute to save virgin resources.

Latest News

25 October 2023

INCOPA publishes an updated LCA study with IVL

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has scrutinized the clima

Our key numbers

1 Billion EUR

The industry contributes 1 billion EUR to the European economy

80 Production units

In Europe, our members operate 80 production units and produce 4 million tonnes of coagulants

70% of our Raw Materials

70% of our raw materials are high quality by-products from other industries.


1st to use Chemical Purification

The first to use chemical purification were the Egyptians around 1500 BC

71% of the Global Population

In 2015, 71% of the global population
(5.2 billion people) used a safely managed drinking water service

4 Billion People

We estimate around 4 billion people have access to drinking water treated with coagulants.

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