INCOPA includes a number of standing and ad hoc committees which meet regularly to formulate the association’s approach to issues affecting the inorganic coagulants industry.

Our standing committees include:

General Assembly

Comprises all INCOPA members. The General Assembly meets twice a year.

Coordination Committee (CoC)

Coordinates the day-to-day work of INCOPA. Members are elected to the CoC by the General Assembly and meet two to three times a year.

Technical and Regulatory Affairs Committee (TRAC)

Evaluates regulations in order to identify potential issues affecting the industry and proposes strategies for managing their impact. Provides input to the Strategy and Communication Committee on technical and scientific matters. Members are elected to the TRAC by the General Assembly and meet two to three times a year.

Strategy and Communication Committee (SCC)

Develops communication and advocacy strategies for issues identified by the TRAC and General Assembly.

Task Forces

Task forces are established when there is a need to respond to temporary issues affecting the industry.

Copperas Committee

All copperas producing members of INCOPA belong to the Copperas Committee.