Coronavirus impact on the water treatment chemicals industry in Europe

13 March 2020

Public drinking water and wastewater treatment are considered as critical public infrastructure. Failures in this sector, caused by intentional or unintentional incidents, have an essential impact on human health and potential environmental damage.

Water treatment chemicals, such as inorganic coagulants, play a fundamental role in European water treatment processes. As manufacturers of chemicals used in water treatment, the European Chemical Industry plays a crucial role in ensuring that clean and safe water is delivered to ~ 4 billion people worldwide (see INCOPA leaflet).

Summary and appeal

With the spread of the coronavirus, and the need for those who test positive to stay hydrated, it is more important than ever for our industry to provide this critical service without interruption.

    • To secure a smooth supply to drinking water or wastewater facilities an unlimited transportation permission, even across European borders, is required. An uninterrupted supply with these key raw materials requires unrestricted production and transportation to our European manufacturing sites.
    • In many areas, it is difficult to get tested, even if the individual has been exposed to the coronavirus or lives in a high-risk area. Most guidance recommends testing only for those who are experiencing symptoms. We are requesting health care officials make it a priority to have our plant managers and essential personnel tested for the virus. We are confident this would ensure our ability to provide continuous, uninterrupted supply of the chemicals that allow clean, safe water during this worldwide health crisis.

    Download our full paper here for more information